Types Of Awnings to Create Your Urban Jungle

Awnings are an attractive and effective way of getting some shade in your home. The problem is choosing the awning because there are several different types available. Learning more about the types of awnings will help you choose the best one.

Automatic Awnings

This type of awning is one of the most common and they use a special guide to slide up and down. This provides precision adjustments that you cannot get with some other awnings. They are also available in a range of lengths to match your windows. As the name suggests, these awnings are electronically operated.

Folding Arm Awnings

This type of awning is mounted on the wall and will extend to cover a patio area or deck when required. These awnings can be thought of as a type of roofing when they are extended. When you no longer need the shade, you can safely retract them into their slim housing. Retractable awnings can be manually operated or automatic. They also come in a range of patterns, fabrics, and colours.

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Fixed Guide Awnings

These awnings are permanently fixed in place because they need to use a guide rail. This fixing will be visible at all times even when the awning is not in use. The awning is similar to a blind which rolls along the rails. This type of awning is most commonly found on the upper levels of houses and will be manual or motorised.

Veranda Awnings

As the name suggests, this type of awning is mounted outside on the roof edge of the veranda or patio. They will be adjusted according to the position of the sun and will provide protection from sun glare. These awnings can also provide some light protection from the rain. They generally have a system of ropes to operate them.

Straight Drop Awnings

These awnings are very similar to the veranda ones in terms of their purpose, but they can be used in more areas such as gazebos and other outdoor roofed areas. To use the awning, they are pulled straight down. They can be geared or spring-loaded like the roller blinds found inside houses.

Drop Arm Awnings

This type of awning will pull out over a door or window with a maximum angle of 90 degrees. The fabric will remain taut regardless of the angle being used because it comes tensioned. As with many other types of awnings, these ones can be either manually operated or motorised. The motorised versions are more common than the manual option.

Freestanding Awnings

These awnings have a similar appearance to a marquee and you can use them anywhere in your outdoor space. The fabric of the awning fits over a frame and will provide shade where you need it. They come in a range of sizes to suit the needs of every user.

Porch Or Deck Awnings

If you want awnings for privacy or security, this is the best type to consider. These awnings do provide the shade and coolness you want while protecting your home from the elements. This type of awning is ideal for the porch and some models can be rolled up or down using a sheave system or ropes.

Another decorative addition you can consider for the porch is a valance. Canvas valances are aesthetically pleasing, but will not offer much protection from the sun. They are more commonly used to accent the deck and add a splash of colour or soften the hard lines of the house.

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